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General Information
      1. The rules and regulations (WB and RO) of the German Swimming Federation (DSV) and the anti-doping regulations (ADO) will be in full force during the
competitions. Participation is open to members of clubs / start communities that are affiliated with the DSV Swimming Association and are in the possession of
association rights, as well as all the associations and clubs from abroad, unless they are a member of FINA, through their national associations and have the
right to start. For handicapped swimmers with evidence of appropriate classification the rules and regulations of the German Disabled Sports Federation (DBS)
will be enforced additionally.

  1. Along with the club’s registration submission, the club representative assumes responsibility and authority over the registration process, and that each registered swimmer can prove one’s health according to § 11 WB while regulations and terms are also being met according to §19. With the participation at the event that, the participant agrees to the electronic storage, processing and disclosure of personal data relevant to the competition, including name, club name, national association, age, class, event format, start number, and start time. This processing is carried out in accordance to Article 6(1) (b) DSGVO. Also, by participating in the competition, the individual consents to the processing and publication of the start and result lists in addition to potential photos and videos from the competition and the award ceremony to be used and posted on the Internet, on social media and in other outlets of the SVW, its subdivisions or the press and sponsors of the event. Participants may object to the storage, processing, and usage of their personal data and request deletion. The consequences result from the competition regulations based on the German Swimming Association (Deutscher Schwimm-Verband e.V.). The already published results will not be altered in the event of an objection to publication, they will persist.
  2. Organizer and host is the SV Cannstatt 1898 e.V., specifically the swimming department.
  3. The event was approved through publication on the DSV-Portal.

Venue Location

1. Badezentrum Sindelfingen; Hohenzollernstraße 23, 71067 Sindelfingen


Eligibility and competition facilities

1. Reported are the vintages 2010 and older. In events 7, 12, 13, 19, and 27 age groups 2008 and younger are no allowed to compete. For the
maximum number of events participants are allowed to enroll in, please refer to the current regulations from the DSV.

  1. 8-lane, 50 meter pool with non-turbulent lane lines. Water temperature is around 26°C. Electronic time keeping will be used. Starting platforms are equipped with adjustable track-start footrest and backstroke bar handles. 100m, 200m backstroke, and medley relays will start with backstroke start aid.

Everything around the registration process, begin, and psych sheet

  1. Registration entries are requested to be submitted as electronic data following the DSV-format or in some exceptional cases in an older version of the WSV-format. Teams which do not have access to equivalent computer programs can enter their enrollments on the DSV-format 102 entry-list along with the letter of acknowledgement, DSV-form 101. These forms are available under (http://www.dsv.de >> schwimmen >> Formulare). We kindly ask you to include the mailing address, phone and fax number as well as an email address of the athletic director responsible for enrollment. According to §8 of WB from the DSV, the athlete’s ability to compete has to be confirmed.
  2. Send entries to: Jürgen Scheibner/ phone +49 7433-15843/ email: juergen.scheibner@gmx.net/ Fax: +49 3212-1037296/ Etzelbachstr. 82; D 72336 Balingen.
  3. Entry fee is based on distance of event and timing of registration. For clubs that submit their entries early, a discount will be granted. The following registration dates are available:

Early-bird registration deadline: November 17th, 2019 12:00pm (received at registration address)

Final registration deadline: December 1st, 2019 11:00pm

Entry fees are as follows:

Distance in Meter Regular Entry Fee Early-Bird Registration
50/100 7,00€ 6,00€
200 8,00€ 6,50€
400 9,00€ 7,00€
800/1500 15,00€ 17,00€
Four-Event-Competition 21,50€ 17,00€
Relays 13,00€ 10,50€
  1. Registrations that do not follow the DSV format, the registration fee will increase by 1,00€ each time. This is payable through a collection-only check as well as cash (including foreign club teams) before the start of the meet. For any transfers of sums of entry fees, transfer the entry fee based on instructions under your club name to the following account until the 4th of December 2019: Holder of account: SV Cannstatt IBAN number: DE55600901000502179058 BIC Code: VOBADESS For: Registration Fee Otto-Fahr 2019 <Club name>
  2. The actual starting time might be subject to change. With increased participation, the host SV Cannstatt 1898 e. V. reserves the right to reduce the number of entries and will remand to change the starting time.
  3. The heat sheet will be available and posted on www.ottofahr.sv-cannstatt.de by December 5th, 2019. Heat sheets will be available for sale for 2,00€ per session at the meet.
  4. The psych sheet will be posted on the host’s website, SV Cannstatt 1989 e. V., DSV, and SVW.

Seeding, Qualifying Times, Meet Rules, and Officials

1. Seeding will occur according to WB § 123 and according to the entered time accompanying the entry (§ 121 WB). For events 18/19 (800/1500 freestyle) a
maximum of three heats will be swum. Decisive for a participant’s start is the receipt of the registration. Lanes will not be occupied by two swimmers.

  1. For the following events qualifying times apply: 400m medley males/females 6:10,00 and 400m freestyle male/female 5:45,00.
  2. Relays: For WK11/WK28 two females and two  males must be entered.
  3. According to § 125, para. 6 WB, the one-start-rule will apply – no false start throughout the entire meet.
  4. Each participating club with 10 entries per session has to provide one certified official (carry current credentials). Teams with more than 10 entries, including relay entries, in one session must provide a second certified official. In case the host provides uniforms for officials, those have to be worn (property of the sponsor of the host) [DSV Section VI § 16 Official Clothing]. The uniform must be returned without question at the end of the meet. In case of loss or entrainment, the costs incurred will be charged to the club.


1. With certain restrictions and only with previous registration under Matthias. schmitt@sv-cannsttat.de warm-ups are possible on Friday, December 6th, 2019.
For those interested, requests have to be sent in in writing by December 1st, 2019. If approved, one has to adhere to the allocated time slot.

Standings, Medal Ceremony, and Awards

1. Each assessment is based on age group (review order of events). Age groups 2000/2001 along with age group 1999 will be counted together. Age groups 2002
to 2009 will be evaluated based on each age group.

  1. A specific evaluation exists for four-event competition participants. Each time will be converted according to the FINA points table and added up. The best performance with the highest number of points wins the four-event competition. Each age group will be evaluated separately.
  2. Medals will be awarded for top three finishers. 1. Gold, 2. Silver, 3. Bronze// Dr. Otto-Fahr- Gedächtnispokal for the winner of the Four-Event Competition// Certificates for places 1-8// Relay evaluation will are scored open.
  3. Certificates can be distributed afterwards. In order to do so, the respective club has to pay a fee of 7,00 beforehand. Additionally, a complete mailing address along with telephone number and mail address has to be provided.



1. Prizes

  1. Medal ceremonies are part of the event. If not in attendance, the athlete loses his/her right towards medals, trophies, awards, price money etc. Given the circumstances of event order and racing, the individual has the opportunity to notify a medal ceremony personnel of not being in attendance in advance. Price money for each winner of the final heat and meet record will only be distributed during the medal ceremony.
  2. Awards to the amount of 5,00 or tangible items have to be collected at the announcer’s desk. The winner will be announced immediately after the race. Awards will be only handed to the actual winner who have to confirm the acceptance through officially signage.
  3. A later acceptance, sending a third person, or asking for forwarding the award is impossible. The award will be returned to the host.

Meet Record

1. Split times will not be acknowledged as meet records.

  1. Each meet record results in a 90,00 price money. The individual will personally receive the reward during the medal ceremony. Handing it to a third personal or forwarding it is impossible. For uncollected awards the individual loses the right to claim them.
  2. For events 18 and 19, the absolute fastest time of the respective events will be recognized as the record.


1. Final heats 101,103,105, 107, 109, 111, 113, 115 are ‘youth finals’

  1. Final heats 102, 104, 106, 108, 110, 112, 114, 116, are ‘open finals’

For 100m events, there will be final heats for ‘open finals’ and ‘youth finals’ indicating age group 2005 and younger. The eight fastest swimmers from prelims will qualify for the final. In case an individual scratches, within the set time to scratch, the ninth placed swimmer will move up from the back-up list. This back-up list is limited to 6 participants. Otherwise, WB § 131 Abs. 15 is applied/ A swim off will be held to determine participation in a final in case swimmers swam the same time in prelims: WB § 131 Abs. 16.


1. For handicapped swimmers with the appropriate classification of evidence the rules and regulations of the German Disabled Sports Federation (DBS) will be
in force additionally.


Broadcast Statement and Image Authorization:

Any photographs, videotape or other audio and/or visual recordings of the event created by a spectator may be used solely for such spectator’s personal non-commercial use, and may not be broadcast, published or disseminated, or used for any commercial purposes, without the prior written consent of SV Cannstatt 1989 e.V. All participants agree to be filmed and photographed by the official photographer(s) and network(s) of SV Cannstatt 1989 e.V under the conditions authored by SV Cannstatt 1989 e.V, and allow event organizers the right to use names, pictures, likenesses, and biographical information before, during or after the period of participation in the event to promote such competitions. Upon registration the individual acknowledges and agrees to the previously outlined statement and authorization and assumes responsibility to inform others.